Steady Flow Mechanical has the widest range of equipment in the industry and our personnel are fully qualified, meaning your job is always done safely, professionally and on time. Here is a list of equipment we’ll use for your next Water or Sewer project:

KJ-1750 Water Jetter

This jetter propels a highly flexible hose through 1 1/4″ to 4″ (32 to 100mm) lines–blasting through sludge, soap and grease blockages. As you pull the hose back, it power scrubs the line, flushing debris away and restoring drain lines to their free-flowing capacity.

Hydro Scrubber Drain Machine

A hydro jetter may just be the best piece of sewer cleaning equipment ever invented. Let us help you to understand it by first by explaining how it works. The basic principle of a hydro jetter is similar to that of pressure washer used to clean heavy equipment, or for industrial purposes. Both pieces of equipment use highly pressurized water to get rid of any physical object in its way. As a pressure washer is used as a cleaning machine for walls, floors, and open areas. A hydro jetter is used for enclosed spaces, such as inside a sewer pipe.

Sewer Camera for Inspections

We will open the closest drain to the blockage, and run a snake down the drain to ensure the camera can go through, then feed the camera in. Depending on what we see, we can diagnose the problem.

There are a number of possible outcomes, and the action we recommend will depend on the severity of the problem and whether it is likely to happen again after the clog is removed.